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Liam groaned awake. His phone was ringing and lighting up, indicating that someone was calling him. He looked over at the clock placed on the night stand next to his bed. It read '2:30 AM.' Who could possibly be calling me right now? He contemplated not answering but the annoying ringing kept going so he groaned again, rubbing his sleep filled eyes and reached out to the night stand to grab his phone. "Hello," he answered, his voice croaky due to sleep.

"Liam?" a small voice replied.

Liam brought his brows together and frowned. "Niall? Why are you calling me? You're just down the hall," he answered.

"I know, but I can't leave my bed. Can you come here? Hurry!" Niall pleaded.

Before Liam could reply, Niall had already hung up. Liam sighed but got up from his bed.

He walked out of his room, his boxers riding low on his hips. He yawned and scratched his bare chest as he padded down the hall to Niall's room. He cracked the door open and peaked into the dark room. "Niall?" he called in. When he got no reply, he walked further into the room towards the bed. "Niall?" he called again, reaching his hand out to the lump on the bed.

"Liam," the lump whispered, "Hurry and get under the covers."

Liam raised an eyebrow but did as he was told. He lifted the covers, revealing the blond boy curled up into a fetal position. His eyes were shut tight and his hands were covering his eyes. Liam smiled as Niall slowly lowered his hands from his face.

"Hurry!" Niall exclaimed, grabbing onto Liam's wrist and pulling him down onto the bed.

"Woah!" Liam squeaked as he lost his balance and landed onto the soft mattress, his hands sprawled over Niall's naked chest. Naked chest. Not those thoughts again. It's not helping that I'm actually on this bed where 'you know what' happened. Liam used all his will power to rid his mind of dirty thoughts and removed his arm off of Niall. "Sorry," he whispered. Liam settled on his back and laid awkwardly next to Niall, their arms touching. "So, uhm, are you alright Niall?" Liam asked to break the weird tension.

Instead of answering, Niall turned and wrapped his arms around Liam's shoulders, placing his head in the crook of his neck. "I was having nightmares Liam," Niall whispered into Liam's neck.

Liam swallowed nervously. He could feel the heat building on his face. His breath was coming quickly as his heart beat faster. Not knowing what to say, he wrapped his arms around Niall's hips, comfortingly.

Niall immediately responded by pulling Liam closer to himself, the front of their bodies pressed closely together.

Liam couldn't believe this was actually happening. He didn't know what to do. He didn't know how to react. But before he could do anything, he heard Niall's soft snorings. Liam smiled, he was glad he was able to give Niall comfort just by being there. Liam smiled when he felt Niall tighten his grip on him, as if telling him he can't leave. Not that Liam was going to. He slowly closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep himself.


"Liam," a soothing voice cooed.

Liam moaned as he rutted his morning wood onto the body in front of him. He didn't remember having anyone in bed with him, he just knew he had a really nice dream about a certain blond, which made him more horny then he usually was in the morings.

"Liam," this time the voice had a hint of amusement in it's tone.

Liam stirred awake, opening his eyes slowly. Niall's smiling face. What a nice thing to wake up to. He smiled. Niall? Liam jumped awake, sitting up, his face red as he realized what he just did in his half-asleep state. "Niall! I-I-I'm really sorry. I didn't-I wasn't," Liam panicked, looking at Niall apologetically.

Niall laughed and replied, "It's fine, you can't help it. It happens to everyone right?"

Liam laughed nervously. He scooted off the bed, trying to keep his back to Niall, wanting to hide his hard on, embarassing! He stood up from the bed and told Niall he had to go to the bathroom.

Niall looked at him from the bed in amusement and replied simply with, "You go do that."

Liam smiled awkwardly as he slid out of Niall's room. Once he was in the hallway he made a mad dash to the bathroom. He shut the door and locked it, sliding down the closed door and letting out a big sigh. That was probably the most embarassing thing that has ever happened to me. After that thought was out of his head, he shamelessly put his hand inside his boxers to do what he was there to do.

"I'm heading out to the gym. I'll be back in a bit," Liam said to the boys as he started out the door.

"Wait Liam! I'm going too," Niall replied hastily, getting up from the couch and walking over to Liam.

Liam grinned as he walked out the door with Niall and into his car.

Recently, Niall has been tagging along with him everytime he goes out. Whether it be to the gym or even just across the street to buy some toilet paper. Not that Liam minded, but it's probably unhealthy for his heart. Everytime the blond boy would follow him out Liam's heart would race so fast it almost hurt. Even going out to buy toilet paper made his heart beat fast, like he was on a date or something. But it's not like Niall had the thought of going out on a date with Liam when they went out, he was probably just really bored and didn't want to stay at the house all the time.

"You alright Liam?" Niall's concerned voice shook Liam out of his thoughts.

"Oh yeah, I'm fine," Liam replied with a small smile, feeling a bit flustered by how intensely Niall was looking at him.

The crease between Niall's eyebrows disappeared and his expression changed from a concerned one to a happy one. "Then let's head inside," he said.

Both boys headed to the treadmills to start their work out. They went at it for about 20 minutes until the blond stopped his machine and hopped onto a nearby bench. His face was red, sweat rolling off the side of his face, as his breath came in short gasps.

Liam stopped his own machine and walked over to Niall, wiping his sweat on a towel he brought. He couldn't help the small gasp that came out of his mouth as he looked at Niall. He looks just like he did that night.. No matter how many times they go to the gym together he would never get used to seeing Niall like this. He cleared his throat and asked, "You okay?"

Niall smiled up and nodded, "I'm fine. Just a bit tired today." He took a few sips from his water bottle and asked, "You heading to the weight rooms then?"

"Yeah," Liam replied absentmindedly as he watched Niall's throat and how his adam's apple bobbed as he swallowed the water. He moved his eyes away and licked his dried lips as he repeated, "Yeah. Let's go."

When they got to the weight room Niall went straight to the bench.

"You're not gonna lift any weights today?" Liam asked as he put his stuff down next to Niall on the bench.

"I'm just going to watch you today," Niall replied with a sheepish smile. "Tired," he explained.

Liam smiled. An audience will make me motivated. He grabbed two dumbbells and slowly lifted them up and down alternatingly, his back facing Niall. After a few minutes of silence he turned back to see if the blond boy was still there. When he looked back, his eyes locked with shiny blue ones. Niall was watching Liam with his mouth slightly open, when he realized he was caught staring, he shifted his eyes away. Liam couldn't help but smile. Was Niall blushing? Was he checking me out? he humored himself with that thought. Liam placed the weights back on the ground, feeling that he was done working out.

"Um," Niall started as he stood up, "I know this beats the purpose of us coming to the gym but could we maybe go get something to eat?"

Liam laughed, "Sure, why not?" He bent down to pick up his things but was almost toppled over when Niall jumped on his back.

"Your last work out for today. You have to carry me to the car," Niall laughed.

Liam laughed along with Niall, shifting him up so it was easier for him to carry. "Alright. But you're so heavy!" Liam replied, earning him a smack on his head. "I'm just kidding!" Liam laughed.

Liam was feeling high with happiness. He couldn't believe how very right this felt. Being with Niall and just messing around with each other. They were even going to go eat together now... almost like a date. It all felt so, so couple-y and Liam wasn't complaining.

Niall slid off of Liam's back as they got to the car. "To Nandos!" he yelled as he jumped into the car.

Liam rolled his eyes as he replied, "Why did I know you were going to say that?"

Niall turned to Liam with a sincere look and replied, "I guess you just know me so well." He smiled and turned to face the road ahead.

Liam's heart skipped a beat. Why did he just look at me like that?

They finally arrived at the nearest Nandos and ordered their food. They were sitting at a small table across from each other.

"You want some of my chicken Liam?" Niall asked suddenly, holding up a piece in front of Liam's face.

"I thought you never shared with anybody," Liam asked suspiciously. Niall never shared his food.

"Well, you're not just anybody are you? Just try the chicken! It's really good," Niall answered as he shoved the chicken into Liam's mouth. "Good?" Niall asked.

Liam nodded with a small smile as he chewed on the chicken, which was, like Niall said, really good. I'm not just anybody?

They ate together, talking about anything that popped up, laughing most of the time. This is probably the best day ever.

Niall let out a yawn after he finished eating. "I'm so full and tired now. Let's head back home yeah?" Niall asked as he got up from his seat.

"Yeah," Liam replied enthusiasticly. He was feeling great today and he felt the day was going to get even better. That was when he turned around and saw Danielle. His smile fell for a second. "Danielle, hey. What are you doing here?" Liam asked.

Technically, Liam and Danielle weren't dating anymore but Danielle acted as if their relationship was still fully blossomed.

"Liam! Hey babe," Danielle replied while placing her arms around his neck. "Wanna go watch a movie with me tonight?" she asked.

"Danielle, I can't do that. We're not dating anymore, remember?" Liam answered.

She laughed and replied, "You're so funny Liam!" She leaned in, attempting to kiss him on his cheek.

Liam pulled away as he glanced over at Niall.

He was watching them with his eyebrows furrowed, confusion written all over his face. When his eyes met Liam's he said, "I think I'm gonna head back. I'll see you later Liam." He turned to walk out the door.

"Niall wait!" Liam replied, trying to break free from Danielle's grip on his arm. He turned to her as she pleaded, "Danielle please let go. You have to understand we're not together anymore."

Danielle pouted and turned her eyes to the ceiling, looking as if thinking really hard. Finally she answered, "You win this time Liam but we're gonna go on a date as soon as you start realizing how much you miss me." She smiled and waved as she walked away.

Liam rolled his eyes but then remembered Niall. He rushed out to the parking lot. Maybe Niall would be waiting in the car. But when he reached his car there was no blond boy in sight. The best day of his life was ruined in just a few minutes...

Liam walked quietly up the stairs when he found that Niall was no where in the living room or kitchen. He lugged a bag full of cartons of ice cream and a spoon (a fork for himself) that he bought on his way home. As an apology? I suppose it sort of is.. He walked into Niall's room and found him sitting quietly on his bed with his headphones on. "Hey Niall," he spoke loudly to get his attention.

Niall looked up from his lap, his eyebrows raised as he saw who it was. He slowly took his headphones off and placed them next to him as he replied, "Hey."

Liam stood at the door not knowing exactly what to say. "Um," he started nervously, "I, uh, brought some ice cream?" The statement turned more into a question, he wasn't sure if that was the appropriate way to start whatever this.. this apology of sorts was. He lifted the bag of ice cream for Niall to see.

Niall's face slowly lit up. He fidgeted as he asked, "Maybe we could eat it together?"

Liam grinned. I knew this would work. He sat down next to Niall on his bed, handing him a carton of ice cream and a spoon.

They sat quietly as they ate the sweet together.

Liam swallowed the forkful of ice cream he had in his mouth before he said, "Hey, I'm sorry about earlier. With Danielle and stuff."

Niall glanced at him before turnig back to the ice cream and scooping up another spoonful of it. "No need to be sorry. I mean, I don't want to be in the way of you two," Niall replied, placing the spoon into his mouth.

"No, no," Liam answered. "Niall, me and Danielle aren't together anymore. It's been over but she keeps trying to get back with me," Liam explained, he watched Niall to see his reaction.

Niall seemed indifferent as he replied, keeping his eyes on the carton on his lap, "Alright."

Alright? That's it? Liam was a bit disappointed in this reaction but then he realized, why would he care? What did he expect him to do? Be happy and kiss him and tell him that he's Niall's? What a wonderful fairy tale. Liam tried to contain the sudden anger he felt, even if Niall wasn't in love with him, shouldn't he get more than an 'Alright' as a reply? He stood up from his spot on the couch and said with his voice raised a bit too much, "I'm not dating her!"

Niall looked up from the ice cream, surprised. He furrowed his eyebrows as he replied from the couch, his voice the same volume as Liam's, "I said 'Alright.' Why are you being a git about it?"

Liam scoffed, "I'm being a git about it? You're the one acting like a jerk. I'm not dating her!"

Niall looked at Liam with a mix of anger and confusion, "You're the one who's yelling for no reason. And I understand you're not dating her. Why do you keep saying that?"

Liam took a deep breath and pulled on his hair. "I-I don't know," he replied, his voice significantly quieter. He left the room, his thoughts a mess as he walked down the hall.

Louis, Harry, and Zayn's heads were sticking out from their own rooms, all looking at Liam with a concerned expression.

"You alright Liam?" Louis asked quietly.

Liam waved them away as he answered, "Perfectly fine. I'm heading to bed early tonight. Don't disturb me."

Louis, Harry, and Zayn looked at each other with raised eyebrows but just shrugged as they went back into their own rooms.


Why did I act like such a dick? Liam regretted how rudely he acted to Niall. Raising his voice was unneccesary and he wasn't even sure where he was going with what he was yelling about. He usually never gets mad, or at least never shows it, but he just really needed Niall to know that him and Danielle were not dating. Not that it was gonna help him have a better chance with him or anything. He just doesn't want him to have the wrong idea. Liam placed his head in his hands and sighed. Even if he had a reason for yelling, it didn't make it right. He needed to apologize, again, or he couldn't go to sleep. He stood up from his bed, he reached the door when suddenly it opened. He was surprised to see who was on the other side.

"Hey," Niall said shyly, rubbing the back of his neck.

"Hey," Liam replied equally as shy.

They stood quietly for a few moments. Liam couldn't help his eyes that roamed over Niall's bare chest, he was probably about to go to bed before he came here. He cleared his throat and opened the door wider for Niall to enter.

"I'm sorry," they both said in unison as soon as Liam closed the door.

They both smiled at each other, knowing that they were both thinking the same things while alone in their own rooms.

"I'm really sorry, I don't know why I was yelling," Liam started, "I-" Liam was interrupted as he suddenly had a handful of Niall in his arms.

Niall gave Liam a big hug as he said, "It's alright. I was pretty mean too."

Liam laughed as he squeezed Niall back.

Niall giggled, "Hey that tickles!" He tried squirming away from Liam but failed to.

"What tickles? You mean this?" Liam smiled as he started tickling Niall, causing the blond boy to fall onto Liam's bed.

"Liam stop! I can't breathe!" Niall pleaded as Liam kept attacking him with his tickling fingers.

Liam stopped his hands, well that was exciting, and laid down next to Niall on his bed.

They both let out a last few giggles before they fell silent.

"Is it alright if I sleep on your bed tonight?" Niall asked. "I'm too lazy to go back to my own," he added quickly.

Liam smiled as he replied, "Of course."

Niall sat up and grabbed a pillow, "Woooh! Sleep over! Pillow fight!!"

"Did I hear 'Pillow Fight'?" Louis suddenly appeared in Liam's room.

"Yes you did!" Niall replied as he tossed a pillow to Louis.

"Harry! Zayn! Get your arses over here! Pillow fight at Liam's!" Louis yelled down the hall. After a few seconds Harry and Zayn appeared in their night gear, A.K.A. their boxers, with a pillow in their hands.

If anyone looked into Liam's bedroom they would have been faced with a very weird sight. 5 boys all half naked having a pillow fight like a bunch of 12 year old girls at a slumber party. But to them it was just another night hanging out with each other.

Liam laughed as he saw Niall smack Harry right in the face with his pillow. He was amazed at how a day that he thought had gone all wrong had somehow turned right around and became one of the greatest days ever.

He was literally smacked out of his thoughts when Niall hit the back of his head with a pillow. Liam gasped dramatically as he said, "How dare you Niall! Come back here!" He grabbed a pillow from his bed and ran around the room chasing the blond boy.

Everyone laughed as Liam tripped on something and fell face first to the floor.

He lifted his face from the floor with a wide smile, "I'm going to get you Niall!" This really is the best day ever.

"Liam. Liam."

Liam stired awake to a small voice, reminding him of the other time he was sleeping on the same bed as Niall. Don't remind me of that. He looked around to see the clock that read '3 a.m.' Still too early for anyone to be waking me up, am I just hearing things? He was just about to fall back asleep when he heard the voice again, this time sounding almost like a moan.


He looked down, just noticing the weight on his chest. He swallowed nervously as he saw Niall laying peacefully, his arms wrapped around Liam's waist. He looked around the room to see if the other boys were still in there, fortunately they were all gone. He didn't want them to tease him about this later.

Niall continued mumbling in his sleep and Liam couldn't keep his eyes off of the hand that was moving slowly towards his crotch. Of course, Niall was doing this unknowingly. Liam couldn't help the hitch in his breath as the blond boy breathed his name out again.

He felt the blood rush down when Niall's hand brushed against his boxer-clad cock. He snapped out of his lust and shook Niall awake. "Niall," he whispered, "you have to get up."

The smaller boy groaned. He opened his eyes slowly, his face covered in confusion as he asked, "Liam?"

Liam didn't really know what to say to him. Stop touching my dick? Yeah, that sounds very appropriate. And it's not like I actually want him to stop... Liam cleared his throat before he said timidly, "Uh.. sorry. You can go back to sleep."

Niall smiled a bright smile which made Liam's heart skip a beat. "You're so funny," Niall whispered sleepily. Liam could feel Niall looking at his lips and he felt very self-conscious. He licked them on instinct as he watched Niall lean in closer. The blond looked up to Liam's eyes before he pressed their lips quickly together. He grinned before he placed his head onto his chest again. He whispered, "I like you Liam."

Liam laid there quietly, his mouth hanging open. He tried to calm his heart which was beating so fast he was afraid it was going to beat out of his chest. He took a deep breath to try and calm himself. His mind was replaying the scene over and over, it was starting to feel like it was only a dream.

He was grinning like a madman when he replayed the last part of what Niall said. He likes me?! He couldn't believe how much those simple words meant to him. Maybe I have a chance? But just like the worrisome person he was, Liam started to think more in depth about Niall's words. What if it was just a friendly 'like'? But then there's the kiss. But friends can kiss each other right? He shook his head of these negative thoughts but couldn't bring himself to feel the same happiness he felt a few minutes before. Soon he fell asleep to the sound of Niall's soft snoring with many things on his mind.


In the morning, Niall acted like nothing happened, or maybe it didn't even happen, or worse, he forgot. But Liam knew one thing for certain, he was in love with Niall. Before, he only really felt lust for the blond, but as time passed and they spent more time together, Liam felt the need to have him to keep than the need to fuck him, to put it blatantly. There was still a tingling sensation on his lips and he couldn't keep his eyes off of the blond.

"Is there something on me face?" Niall asked. He started rubbing his mouth to get rid of whatever was on his face that Liam was staring at.

"There's nothing on your face. Sorry, I was just daydreaming," Liam answered quickly as a blush rushed up his face.

"Daydreaming? About what?" Niall asked curiously. He sat down next to Liam and turned to him, waiting for his answer.

Liam felt like he couldn't breathe. He didn't know what to say and he felt extremely close to Niall. His eyes flickered down to the blond's pink lips before he stuttered, "N-Nothing."

Niall licked his lips, leaning closer to Liam's face.

This felt all too surreal for Liam. He couldn't believe this was happening and he knew this wasn't a dream. He was wide awake and he was going to kiss the gorgeous blond boy he's been yearning for this whole month.

Their lips finally met and it felt awkward at first but soon Liam let his mouth move against Niall's. He swore he felt an electrical shock when he felt the wet tongue slide across his bottom lip. Their tongues met and explored each other's mouths. Niall's mouth was warm and it tasted like chocolate, sweet and very Niall-like.

Liam's hand went up to grasp Niall's hair as the kiss deepened. He moaned and Liam knew he would never be able to have that sound out of his head.

They parted and gasped for breath.

"Wow," that was all Liam could think of saying. It sounded dumb but that was exactly how he felt.

Niall smiled, his face red and his lips swollen.

"Well," Liam started, a grin permanently plastered on his face, "now you know I wasn't daydreaming about nothing."

Niall let out a laugh as his head fell back. "You really are funny Liam," he commented as he finished laughing.

Liam's eyes widened. Does he remember what happened earlier then? "Do-Do you remember what happend earlier?" Liam asked nervously. Particularly, what you said.

Niall bit his bottom lip and replied, "Of course, and I mean it. What I said I mean."

"Me being funny?" Liam asked with a small smile, knowing that wasn't what Niall meant.

"No!" Niall said as he blushed. "I mean, you are funny," Niall corrected. He pushed Liam playfully when he laughed at him. "You know what I mean."

Liam placed a finger on his lips, pretending to think very hard before answering, "I don't actually, you're gonna have to tell me again." He was being mean but he so desperately wanted to hear Niall say those words again.

Niall pouted before he replied as he rolled his eyes, "I. Like. You. Happy?"

Liam smiled the widest smile he felt he has ever had on his face. "Very happy," he answered. He stared at Niall with his goofy smile on his face.

"Stop looking at me like that, you look like a small puppy," Niall said as he tried to look away from Liam's silly face.

They both laughed. Liam swore his life could not get better than this.