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The boys of One Direction all decided to stay in the house and chill. They thought of going out but Zayn said he was too lazy to go anywhere so they all decided to watch a movie together. Louis said that he would pick a movie for them, earning groans from the other boys because he usually picked lame movies to watch. Last time Louis picked a movie for them they ended up watching a documentary about kangaroos. Louis claimed it was interesting while most of the boys were half asleep.

"Tonight boys, we are watching," Louis announced, "Drum roll please!" he yelled to Harry.

Harry rolled his eyes but made a drum roll with his hands and the sofa he was sitting on.

Louis brought the movie out from behind his back and yelled, "THE RING!" He looked around the room at the boys while making silly ghost noises, "Ooooh!"

Zayn, Harry, and Liam all laughed and rolled their eyes at Louis. The Ring was such an old movie and it wasn't that scary at all. Louis really does suck at picking good movies.

Niall on the other hand groaned, "Oh, do we have to watch that?"

"But Niall, why on earth would you not want to watch The Ring?" Louis asked, pushing the movie into Niall's face. He was being dramatic like he always was.

"I don't like scary movies," Niall replied sheepishly, rubbing the back of his neck.

"Aww, poor Niall," Harry replied while walking up to Niall and placing his arm around his shoulders. "We'll be here to protect you," Harry laughed and pinched Niall's cheeks.

"Yeah, the big boys will protect you," Zayn snickered.

"Guys!" Niall protested, shaking Harry off of him.

"Oh come on Niall! If we watch it together you won't get scared," Louis said, already placing the DVD into the player.

Niall sighed as he sat on the couch next to Liam. He turned to look at him and siad, "I really do hate scary films."

Liam smiled as he swallowed the lump in his throat. It was still hard to look at Niall without thinking about the 'incident.' But Liam smiled, ridding his mind of dirty thoughts, and said, "You'll be fine."

Niall smiled back. He turned to the screen when Louis took the seat next to him on the couch. Then Harry and Zayn sat down. Some one must have made some popcorn because a bowl of it was being passed down from Zayn. Niall took the bowl and started stuffing his face.

Liam laughed, Niall really does love food.

Niall looked at Liam with his mouth full and asked, "You want some?"

Before he could answer Niall had already pushed a piece of popcorn into his mouth.

Liam made a noise of surprise but ate the popcorn anyways. He coughed and said, "Thanks."

Suddenly Louis screamed, "Harry!!"

Niall dropped the bowl of popcorn in surprise. He groaned as Harry, Zayn, and Liam laughed.

Louis had his face buried into Harry's neck as he whispered, "This is scarier than I thought it would be."

The other boys snickered and Harry replied, "But Lou, you picked this movie. And it really isn't that bad."

Louis huffed and turned back to the screen as he said, "Fine. But you have to hold my hand for the rest of the film."

Harry rolled his eyes but obeyed, intwining his fingers with Louis's.

Everyone was sitting quietly watching the movie for a few minutes when suddenly the girl in the movie jumped onto the screen unexpectedly, causing everyone to jump in their seats.

Louis and Niall's screams were the loudest.

"Fuck, that was a bit scary," Zayn commented. He regained his composure and settled back into his seat.

Harry was busy shushing Louis who was stage crying into Harry's chest.

"Shut up Lou," Harry said, keeping his eyes on the screen.

"But Harry, that was the scariest thing in the world," Louis replied and started 'sobbing' again.

Liam took a deep breath as he looked at his arm to see if what he was feeling was really there. Yup, he gulped, Niall is clinging on to my arm.

That hand his the same exact hand he used to touch himself. Liam's thoughts were leading him to a daydream he shouldn't be having, especially right now. Stop! He took a deep, calming breath and focused his attention back to the movie.

When the movie started to reach it's climax, Niall's grip on his arm tightened as he brought it closer to his chest.

Niall closed his eyes and placed his face onto Liam's shoulder. "I don't want to watch anymore," he whispered.

Liam licked his dry lips and said, "It's alright Niall, it's almost over. Can you handle it for a few more minutes?" Liam felt selfish, he wanted to stay in this position forever, with Niall so close to him, yet he felt terrible because he knew Niall was scared out of his wits.

But Niall nodded into Liam's shoulder.

Liam's heart was beating a mile a minute. He didn't really understand why his body was reacting so extremely to simple touches from Niall. But of course, in the back of his mind he blamed this all on the 'incident'. He got rid of that thought again, I am thinking about that way to much recently, and, instead, enjoyed the warmth coming from Niall's body.

The movie was finally over. The credits rolled while Harry and Zayn stretched out the pains they had from sitting too long.

Harry stood up from the couch and said, "Well, I'm tired. I'm going to my room."

"Wait Harry! Don't leave me here!" Louis exclaimed, grabbing Harry's wrists. He was obviously a bit scared from the movie. He climbed onto Harry's back, Harry almost losing balance. Louis argued that he needed to be on his back so the monsters wouldn't touch his feet.

Harry laughed and carried him up the stairs into his room.

Zayn stood, also heading up to his room. He said good night to Liam and Niall and left the living room.

Liam stood to turn the TV off and turned to look at Niall who was curled up on the couch. "You alright?" he asked with a small smile on his face.

"Hm? Oh yeah," Niall replied absentmindedly. His mind was already off imagining every scary thing in the world. He looked up to Liam and asked, "Uh, could you maybe walk with me up to my room?" He blushed slightly, embarassed of how afraid he was.

Liam smiled, "Sure. Let's head on up." He couldn't help but stare a bit too long at Niall's shiny blue eyes and his pink cheeks. He walked ahead of Niall until he felt the blond's hands around his arms again. He looked back at Niall who smiled sheepishly back.

They reached Niall's door and Liam was about to leave to go to his own room when Niall quickly said, "Wait! Can you take me inside?"

Liam raised his eyebrows, "You must be really scared." He didn't question further and led Niall to his bed. "Need me to tuck you in too?" he laughed.

Niall playfully pushed Liam's arm and replied, "I can at least do that meself."

Liam laughed again and headed out the door. "Want me to turn the lights out?" he asked.

"Yeah, thanks," Niall's voice came from under the covers.

Liam smiled as he rolled his eyes at Niall's childishness. "Good night," he called as he turned the lights out and closed the door to Niall's room, heading down the hall to his own room.

We should watch scary movies more often. Liam smiled at his thought.