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It all started that one night.


Liam felt restless that night and couldn't sleep at all. He was tossing and turning in bed when he finally decided to get up and get some water from the kitchen. He stepped out of his room into the dark hall, except for the light coming from the slight opening of the door down the hall. Niall's room. It's already 2 a.m., he has to be asleep right? Maybe he forgot to turn the lights off again. Liam crossed the hall to Niall's room. He opened the door quietly to see if Niall was sleeping.

Liam's eyes widened as he gasped at what he saw.

Niall was splayed out on his bed. Naked. His hand was grasping his hard cock firmly as he moved it up and down. His eyes were half-lidded and his head was thrown back. Little moans were coming from his mouth which was slightly opened.

Liam knew that he shouldn't be watching. He shouldn't even have the thought of wanting to watch. But the way Niall's pink hard dick looked in contrast to his milky white skin was almost mesmerizing. He just couldn't take his eyes off the exposed skin of his neck and the almost erotic way his little pink tongue was sticking out of his mouth. Liam couldn't help but feel a bit turned on.

Niall was stroking his cock at a faster pace now. He could feel his orgasm building. His breath was coming unevenly and he felt the warmth pooling below his belly. Niall groaned, "Uh.. uh." With one last tug he was cumming all over his hand and his stomach.

Liam gulped as he rubbed his erection through his boxers. He was finally able to get up on his feet as he quietly headed back to his room. That glass of water he wanted to get, already forgotten. As soon as he was back in his room his hand was down his pants.


It was now a week since that event occured and Liam was glad to know that Niall had no idea about what happened.

"Liam!" Niall exclaimed as he jumped onto the sofa to sit next to Liam.

"Hey Niall," Liam smiled. He felt guilty, acting like nothing happened when Liam can't stop thinking about Niall naked and panting on that bed. I probably should stop with that trail of thought. It always ends up with me in the bathroom. And that was true. Liam could not get Niall out of his head. Every time he thought of the incident from a week ago he starts feeling himself get hard. He feels so ashamed but he can't help it. Having Niall constantly around him was enough torture for him that he usually ends up sexually frustrated every night.

"Liam?" Niall questioned. He had obviously asked Liam something because he looked at him with a worried expression.

"What? Sorry, I was kind of daydreaming," Liam answered. You probably wouldn't want to know about what though.

Niall smiled and said, "I asked if you were up to hanging out tonight. The rest of the boys want to go out and do something."

"Yeah. Totally. That sounds great," Liam answered.

Niall grinned and hopped off the couch to go to the kitchen to figure out what they were gonna do tonight with the other boys.

I really need to stop thinking about him like this. How can I enjoy a night with the boys if Niall is constantly on my mind?