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Pairing: Daniel Radcliffe/Tom Felton
Author Notes:

"Hey guys, how are you all doing?" Dan said happily to his friends who were already slightly drunk if the rosiness in their cheeks meant anything.

"Dan! Hey!" Tom replied, patting a space next to him in the booth the rest of the Big Seven were occupying.

Dan sat in the small space Tom has made for him and greeted the rest of the gang as they smiled at him. The booth was small but some how all 7 of them were able to squeeze in. Dan sat next to Tom who was sitting next to Evanna. Across from them sat Emma, Rupert, Bonnie, and Matthew. They were all finishing up what looked like their first round of drinks. "You guys couldn't wait for me to start drinking?" Dan asked, looking around at everyone while Matthew ordered a round of drinks for all of them.

"Sorry Dan," Evanna said with a smile, "but Tom just couldn't wait!"

"Yes, Tom seems very interested in getting pissed tonight," Emma said, taking a sip from the beer that was placed in front of her.

"And why is that?" Dan asked curiously, turning his head to look at Tom.

Tom looked a bit thoughtful for a moment but he broke out into a smile and replied, "I thought it would be fun to get drunk with all my mates, yeah?" he finished with a question as he held his mug of beer up high. "Let's make a toast, shall we? To our friendship, to Harry Potter, and to J.K. Rowling!"

Everyone laughed as they joined the toast. Beer splashing everywhere. Everyone giggling drunkenly.


"Hey Evanna, you have really pretty hair," Tom said, burying his face into her blonde locks.

"Tom, I think you had too much to drink, but thank you anyways," she smiled as she replied, helping Tom sit back up.

Tom laughed. The rest of the gang was too busy being drunk to care about what anyone else was doing. Emma, Rupert, and Bonnie were all giggling (yes Rupert was giggling too) as they listened to Matthew's story about his cat and a fire hydrant, which Dan was sure never happened.

Dan was the only one who didn't have too much to drink. He knew he had to drive back home so he didn't have more than a sip from his first drink. Dan was watching his friends with amusement when Tom leaned his head onto Dan's shoulder. Tom had a reputation of being a very flirty drunk. This seemed to be the reason why he didn't ever get drunk while dating. Dan wondered if maybe something was wrong between Tom and his girlfriend.

"Hey Dan," Tom said with a big smile on his face. Dan could smell the alcohol from his breath.

"Hello Tom. Maybe you should stop drinking," Dan pulled Tom's hand away from another beer.

Tom laughed and turned his head into Dan's neck. "You smell really nice," he said.

Dan rolled his eyes and pulled Tom off of him. He held his shoulders and looked straight at him. If you didn't he wouldn't listen. "Do you want me to take you home?" Dan asked.

Tom's face brightened up as he asked, "Can we go to your house Dan?" He looked like a small boy excited about getting a present.

"I think your girlfriend is waiting for you at home," Dan answered, getting his wallet out to pay for everyone's drinks.

"Please Dan? I don't want to go to my house," Tom answered, his smile fading. Tom looked back up at Dan, his eyes pleading.

Dan sighed. "Fine." He could always ask Tom about what's going on in the morning. Tom would surely tell him what's the matter.

Tom smiled and stood up, pulling Dan up by his arms. "Well everyone, me and Dan are off. See you guys later," Tom slurred and leaned into Dan.