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Mar. 16th, 2012

"Alright Nialler, truth or dare?" Louis asked the blond from the couch he was sitting on.

The boys were currently sitting in Zayn's room, playing truth or dare to get rid of their boredom.

"Uh, dare," Niall answered. He didn't know what crazy thing Louis was going to make him do. The older boy had already given all the other boys ridiculous dares. Harry had to run down the hotel hallway naked. Liam was dared to eat all the cookies they had as fast as he could (although Niall objected). And Zayn had to make out with his reflection in the mirror.

Niall started to worry as Louis smirked.

"I dare you to," Louis started, "spend the rest of the night in a frilly skirt."

Harry bursted out laughing.

"What?!" Niall asked, bewildered. He didn't think the dare was going to be that crazy. "I can't do that. Where am I even gonna get a skirt from?"

"I have one!" Louis shouted, then added after he saw the weird stares, "I got it for Eleanor but, well, I can get her a different one."

Louis pulled on Niall's arms as he led the blond to the bathroom. Niall waited awkwardly in front of the bathroom mirror as Louis ran to get the skirt from his own room.

"What is this?" Niall asked as he inspected the tiny piece of cloth that was handed to him.

"A skirt, obiviously. Oh, and here's this too," Louis said as he tossed a pair of lace panties at Niall, a large smirk on his face.

Before Niall could yell in protest, Louis had already ran back to where the rest of the boys were waiting.


Niall's usually pale skin was tinged pink as he looked at his reflection in embarassment. The tiny skirt was frilly and blue in color, contrasting greatly with his skin. He turned to look at his bottom, the skirt barely reaching the tops of his thighs, revealing the black lace panties underneath. He didn't know how he managed to fit into them, his crotch felt as if it was suffocating. The material of the underwear was so thin that if you lifted the skirt you could almost see through it. He really didn't want to have to spend the rest of the night in just a tiny skirt. He knew the boys would never let him forget this.

He took a deep breath as he stepped out into the main room where he could here the others laughing amongst each other. He gave a nervous cough and everyone turned to look at him. Their eyes widened and Niall could feel their eyes focused on the bare skin of his chest then sliding down to the bump of his arse.

"Brilliant dare Lou," Niall said, trying to break the weird tension as he sat down next to Liam on the floor.

"Brilliant..." Zayn whispered before he shook his head. "Your turn Nialler."

"Alright, Harry."

Harry's eyes snapped up to Niall's face, smirking when he saw that the blond felt uncomfortable under his gaze.

"Um, truth or dare," Niall asked as he pulled on the small skirt, trying to get it to cover more of his thighs.

"Dare," Harry replied without hesitating.

"Um," Niall thought then smirked, he had the ultimate dare for Harry. "I dare you to kiss Louis." He knew he got him good with this dare.

Harry and Louis shared a look before they leaned towards each other and shared a quick kiss.

"Alright, my turn," Harry said as if he didn't just kiss another bloke, another bloke that happened to be his best friend.

"Niall, truth or dare?"

"What? But I just, you- but- aren't you-" Niall couldn't believe this. He really thought he would get a much better reaction, but none of the boys seemed to be interested in anything but Niall. The blond scratched his nose, a bit irritated at how his dare turned out, then answered, "Dare." He knew Harry couldn't make him do anything worse than what Louis already made him do.

"Give Liam a lap dance."

"What?!" both Niall and Liam said at once.

Zayn laughed as he watched Liam protest and fidget.

"You can't make him do that!" Liam argued.

"You don't want him to do it then?" Harry asked.

Liam dropped his gaze to the ground, his face turning red as he stuttered, "No. Well, I mean-"

Niall stood up and declared, "Fine. I'll do it." He could see from the corner of his eyes, Louis and Harry giving each other high-fives. "I don't even know how to give a lap dance," he whispered to himself.

Niall stood in front of Liam who was sitting on the ground.

Liam looked up and returned Niall's nervous smile as his eyes traveled up the blond's body.

Niall felt his skin heat up as he, once again, felt all eyes on him. He hesitated before he placed a hand onto Liam's shoulder, using it to help him lower his hips on to Liam's lap.

Liam bit back a groan as Niall pressed their hips together.

Niall stopped his movement as he realized that he was getting hard from this. "I'm done, this is ridiculous." Niall tried to stand but Liam grabbed his waist to stop him.

Liam's eyes were dark with lust, completely different from the nervous look he had before. He whispered harshly into Niall's ear, "You're not going anywhere."

Seeing the exchange, Zayn sidled up behind Niall and placed his lips on his neck.

Niall's breath hitched as his neck was being sucked on by Liam and Zayn.

"What- What are you guys doing?" Niall asked, he couldn't help the little moan that slipped out of his mouth when Liam licked the sensitive spot behind his ear.

"We want some Niall too!" Louis protested when he couldn't get in on any action. When Liam and Zayn lifted their heads from Niall, Louis continued, "I think Niall should do a little dance for us. What do you say boys?"

Niall stood and grabbed the ends of the skirt. "I'm not dancing for you guys. I swear, if this is some sick jo-"

"Shut up Niall. Just turn around so we can see your pretty arse in those fucking knickers," Harry voiced all the boys' thoughts.

Niall looked at Harry disbelievingly until Liam spoke up, "C'mon Niall." Niall obliged, because he did almost anything Liam asked him to do. He turned around so his back was to the others. He stood there for a moment, not knowing what to do.

"Can you like bend over or something?" Zayn asked, his hand already lightly rubbing his crotch.

Niall's face reddened as he saw how much of an effect he had on the others. He bent down slowly as Zayn told him to. He could feel the skirt riding up and his black panties showing.

"You have such a cute little bum, doesn't he Harry?" Louis said, turning to Harry.

Harry answered with a groan as he started to undo his zipper.

Niall turned to look at the four boys and saw that each was in various stages of taking their clothes off. He couldn't really believe that they were actually doing this.

Zayn was the first to have his pants down and he waved his hand for Niall to kneel in front of him. He laced his fingers in soft blond hair as he guided Niall's head down to his cock.

Niall looked up, hesitating before licking the tip of Zayn's dick lightly. He swirled his tongue around the tip before sucking on it, earning a loud moan from the dark-haired boy.

Zayn pushed Niall's head down gently, encouraging him to take more of him into his mouth.

Niall glanced up at Zayn's face and slid his mouth down the long shaft. He hollowed his mouth as he sucked hard.

Zayn threw his head back as Niall started to bob his head up and down.

Harry, Liam, and Louis were watching with their hands lazily stroking themselves. Liam couldn't handle just watching, so he grabbed Niall's waist and lifted him away from Zayn.

Zayn protested and Niall gave a small squeak as he was tossed onto the bed.

Liam let his eyes travel down Niall's small frame until it stopped on the waistband of the tiny skirt. He glanced up at Niall's face. He was looking back at him, waiting to see what was coming next. Liam lifted the skirt up, his eyes widened at the sight underneath.

Niall blushed as the other boys stared at his crotch. His dick was straining against the thin material, the tip almost showing up at the waistband, pre-come was leaking and seeping through the panties.

"Fuck," Harry breathed out. Him and Louis climbed onto the bed on either sides of the blond.

Liam pulled the panties down, licking his lips as Niall's dick sprung free. He tossed the lace panties behind his back and spread Niall's leg apart. He leaned down to bring his face close to Niall's while bringing his hand down to slowly stroke the blond's dick.

Niall let out a breath. "Kiss me please," he said before his lips were moving roughly against Liam's.

Liam pulled away and brought his hand up to Niall's lips. He immediately brought it into his mouth to slick them up. Liam took his hand away and lightly rubbed the small pucker of Niall's arse hole.

Niall bit his lip, his eyes closed, waiting for the sting that he knew was coming.

The other thre boys watched quietly as they stroked themselves. Louis was the first to speak. "Well, while Liam's doing that, maybe me and Harry could keep your hands occupied?" He grabbed Niall's hand and guided him to stroke his dick.

Liam slipped in one finger as Niall gripped onto Louis's cock.

The blond squirmed but soon relaxed, turning to look at Harry and grabbing his cock in his other hand. He giggled to himself.

"What?" Harry asked, he couldn't help but smile too.

"I feel like a slut or something," Niall replied in a whisper. Another of Liam's fingers was inserted into him and his breath hitched.

"Jesus Christ, Liam. Just fuck him already," Zayn said, staring at Niall hungrily.

Liam glanced up at him before pulling his fingers out. He rubbed his cock with the pre-come that was leaking from the slit before positioning himself at Niall's entrance.

Niall's hands on Harry and Louis stopped as Liam slowly pressed into him.

Liam groaned as he pushed into the tight ring of muscle, feeling it clench and unclench around him. When he was finally balls deep into Niall, he paused, looking at the blond's face for a sign to keep going.

Niall wiggled his hips around, trying hard to keep the tears from falling, as he tried to adjust to the feel of something up his arse. After a few moments he whispered, "Move."

Liam slowly pulled out, his hands on Niall's hips, before slamming back in.

Niall's head flew back as gasped, his eyes shut tight. Once he got used to the rough rhythm Liam had set, he got his hands to start working again, earning moans from both Harry and Louis.

Zayn had enough of just watching so he kneeled beside the blond's head, pressing his dick against his cheek.

Niall turned, his lips slid against Zayn's cock because of his movement.

Zayn bit his lip and pressed his hips closer to Niall's mouth.

The blond looked up before sliding his mouth down the length.

With a cock up his arse, two pricks in his hands, and a dick in his mouth, Niall really did look like a slut.

"Fuck, this is so hot," Harry couldn't help but say.