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It's So Cold!

Title: It's So Cold!
Author: crystal_yb
Pairing: George/Ringo
Rating: PG
Author Notes: Hello! I hope all of you had a happy Christmas! It has been a while since I have posted to this community... It was when I was still willamsaporta (If any of you guys remember me haha) I had this fluffy idea while I was in the car freezing my hands off. It's been a while since I wrote something but I just couldn't get this idea out of my head. Very short but I hope you enjoy :)

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Pairing: Daniel Radcliffe/Tom Felton
Author Notes:

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Sexy Back

Title: Sexy Back
Pairing: Draco Malfoy/Harry Potter
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: mature themes
Summary: Harry hasn't been interested in anyone recently so his friends has decided to have a contest to see who can get Harry's attention.
Disclaimer: Nothing is mine. blah blah blah.
Author Notes: This is my first Drarry fanfiction as well as my first fic related to Harry Potter. Hopefully this is good enough for being my first try at this pairing.

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Sum 41 Concert!

Last night I went downtown to go see Sum 41!!! They were awesome!!
The first thing I did there was get some merch. I got a shirt that says 'Resident Skumfuk' on it and a wristband that says 'Sum 41' on it. I saw that they were selling magazines and when I went up to buy one THEY WERE FREAKIN' SIGNED BY ALL OF SUM 41!!! So me and my sister got the last two!
Sum 41 was awesome! They played all these new songs from Screaming Bloody Murder and I was so happy when they played Fat Lip. The crowd was wild! Everyone was moshing and throwing shit around and it was just crazy. When Sum 41 left the stage, the crowd all yelled 'Sum! Sum! Sum! Sum!' and when they got back on stage they sang like 3 more songs. They played Pieces, In Too Deep, and I was really happy when Steve went up to sing Pain For Pleasure.
I wish I was in the standing area because they were all throwing their picks and drum sticks to the crowd and stuff. Deryck even brought a couple people on stage to dance around with.
Over all, last night was one of the best nights ever!!


Secret Admirer

Title: Secret Admirer
Author: crystal_yb
Pairing: Mark/Tom
Rating: PG-13
Summary: It's Valentine's Day and Mark has a secret admirer.
Warning: obviously boy/boy
Disclaimer: I doubt this happened.
A/N: So I noticed I haven't written in awhile so since it was Valentine's Day a week ago, I decided to write some fic. Hopefully you enjoy reading this. And maybe I'll try to write some more Mark/Tom. Oh, this fic is written where Mark and Tom are not married to Skye and Jen.

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My Chemical Romance Concert!

So yesterday I went all the way down to Yokohama to see MCR.
They were amazing!!!

I can't believe I saw them!

Frank was all over the floor and spitting everywhere. Gerard was shaking his hips and being all sassy. Mikey was playing his sparkly bass with a poker face. Then Ray was bouncing around with his beautiful fro.

My throat hurts so much for screaming the lyrics. And my legs are all sore from jumping around the whole time.

I bought a cool shirt, pins, and a magazine with a picture of them. They were selling signed posters but they sold out.. D:

But it was so awesome and just.. gah. I can't believe I saw them.